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Charming and whimsical, the Fabrilux Pediatric Collection is designed to fulfill the healing and energy needs specific to children. Evidence-based design recommends the use of primary colors for children, rather than the earth-derived natural colors recommended promoting healing and stressing reduction among adults.

Duplex printed with the hot air balloons floating in puffy-clouded skies on one side and only the cloud-studded sky in pale blue, azure blue or pale pink on the other side. Either side can be selected for the inside cubicle simply by re-clipping the curtain. A child can be energized or soothed depending on the young patient's changing stage of recovery.

  • Blush (side 1)

  • Blush (side 2)

  • Cherry

  • Lapis (side 1)

  • Lapis (side 2)

  • Lemon