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Flexible and soothing Eager is a pattern with two distinct sides - one a colorful but blank canvas, the other a soft leafy pattern interspersed with small star-shaped flowers. When used as cubicle curtains, Eager the outside pattern can easily be switched to the inside and vice versa by simply re-clipping the curtains. It also is a flexible pattern for bedding, drapery and valances and can be easily reversed. Inherently flame retardant, 100 percent polyester fabric also works well for cornice boxes, Roman shades and valances.

  • Basil (side 1)

  • Basil (side 2)

  • Chestnut (side 1)

  • Chestnut (side 2)

  • Chive (side 1)

  • Chive (side 2)

  • Powder (side 1)

  • Powder (side 2)